“Hello, I’m Ezekiel Mundy, a thirteen-year-old with a passion for gardening, business, economics, piano, cooking, and, of course, chickens! It all began at the age of seven when the idea of entrepreneurship was introduced to me. I distinctly recall sitting at the dinner table, expressing my desire to own a toy shop. However, it was my dad who suggested a different path – raising chickens and selling their eggs. Intrigued, I embraced the idea wholeheartedly, and over the past six years, I’ve dedicated myself to building my business.

Through hard work and determination, I’ve achieved milestones like purchasing an iPad and, together with my brother Daniel, investing in a brand-new go-kart. Now, I’m excited to embark on a new chapter by launching a blog and website. My goal? To provide valuable insights into backyard chicken care, along with sharing easy egg-based recipes. Additionally, I’ll document my gardening journey, delving into the fascinating world of horticulture.”