So let’s start from the beginning, I walked outside to collect my batch of eggs from the chicken coop and I opened up the nesting box to an oversized, tic-tac-shaped egg. It’s not a surprise that the egg has two yolks. Because of the shape being oblong, it allowed more growth than usual to happen inside the egg, at least that’s my theory anyway.

7 thoughts on “my odd shaped egg”

  1. hey ezekiel its me izzy, nithila, maya and eliza we just wanted to say we miss u in school AND HOPE U COME BACK SOON

    1. I miss you to guys, but I’m not coming back I finally got my business to a point where I am generating $4,000 a year in revenue and I got my first employee.
      and if I was at school I just simply wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing. plus my email address is on my website so we can still stay in contact.

  2. Helle Mundy, it’s the Cadet you told me your business about. Nice job! Thisis pretty cool, but I could build a better website.

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